View Full Version : SQ Controller as universal remote control

2010-01-06, 09:51
Does anyone know if there is a set of plugins for EventGhost and SqueezeBox that can provide the following:

- By selecting a special menu topic on the Squeeze Controller start an applet and plugin in the Squezee environment that generates events for EventGhost for each key on the remote. Utimately there is also a need for a EventGhost plug in for the events
- Makes it possible to configure menu structures on the Controller and create corresponing events for the EventGhost. All using a web interface. (SQ settings?)

The goal of this is to make it possible to use the SQ Controller as a generic remote (that transimitts through walls...), where menues and actions can be tied toghether through EventGohst.

Most certainly an interesting project though, it combines LUA, Perl and Python, not to mention some generic IP and OS knowledge.


2010-01-06, 10:08
There have been many discussions on this since the controller was released. There is an IR applet, you'll find in the Third Party Plugins forum.

I think Logitech (Slim) weren't into competing with their Logitech Harmony partners. Also the controller could do with more buttons to make a general entertainment remote.