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2004-08-04, 03:46
Come on chaps, lets not have digs at each other.

The original poster (g7pkf) had a valid point, we are getting ripped of in
the UK.
Not by slim, not by the resellers but in the duties paid the government at
every twist and turn. (thanks to another poster/reseller here for clarifying

As far as buying hi-fi when a babies on the way, good on you.
I found that my social life took a hammering when my little one arrived and
listening to my music collection was a cheapa and enjoyable, using a
squeezebox made it hugely convenient too.

To g7pkf
Enjoy your purchase, its great, best thing I've bought in years. And judging
by slimdevices in the past I cannot see them ignoring this issue of a rebate
(on return of existing display) for us UK users, possibly in conjunction
with a UK reseller?

Looking forward to a new display, eventually ;-)


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If you are not pleased with the quality of your Squeezebox, you should
consider returning it to the auction vendor. I'm sure their returns policy
is as accommodating as SlimDevices or one of the UK resellers like Laser or
Multitask (both of which bend over backwards to accommodate customers). If
not, at least you got it cheap.

Incidentally, the quality of the original VFD is excellent.. The official
retail Squeezebox was a bargain before, it's just more of a bargain now.
You've repeated stated (I'll misquote) "baby on way, money tight..." perhaps
there is something of a higher priority you should address before buying
hi-fi equipment. May I suggest a savings account for the child?


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> I paid over £100 less (apx $175) for a brand new one off ebay,
> obviously had been imported from the states as at this price there is no
> that it was uk sourced.
> if anyone can justify paying a uk reseller the extra i would be surprised
> and very scepticable about there reasoning.
> At some point it was sold by slim so therefore it should not
> matter that it was bought of auction, they still got there money!
> so no more whinges about where i bought it.
> if it hadnt been for duty and vat i would have ordered direct!
> either way slim got there slice.
> It has taken me a long time to save to buy this one,
> as i originally ststed we have a baby on the way and
> there are other priorities in life at the moment.
> I looked at buying in a group and it worked out that it would cost me
> about £10 a unit over what i would pay retail.
> I have been thinking about emigrating for a long time now.
> thinking about it harder and harder now.