View Full Version : Where is Sirius XM in SB Server?

2010-01-06, 05:27
I have just updated my Squeezebox v3 this weekend and admit it has been awhile I streamed music from an internet source. I see Radio Paradise, but what happened to Sirius Radio?

2010-01-06, 07:04
Settings/plugins/select show 3rd party plugins. Then select xmplugin to install.

2010-01-06, 07:09
Oops. Sirius is an app. Look in app gallery or it may be under plugins tab. Not in front of my computer. Note Sirius and xm are still two different things for SB.

2010-01-06, 16:26
Sirius is now an App on www.MySqueezeBox.com (the old SqueezeNetwork).
Your SBS server will pick it up from MySB, you will find Sirius in My Apps whether your player is on SBS or MySB.