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2010-01-05, 11:57

I've upgraded my Qnap TS109/II NAS to SSOTS 4.2 & SBS 7.4.1, and now I can't get Custom Browse working again fully.

After doing the upgrade and (re)installing the latest Custom Browse and Custom Scan plugins, the Custom Browse menus I created previously (using an earlier version of the plugin, I would think) are still available, but there are no albums or tracks listed under them.

Also, in the SBS web interface under Plugins > Custom Browse > Settings > Manage menus, if I select any custom menu as if I were going to edit it, and click 'Next' without making any changes, I get an error:

"Error saving /Qmultimedia/genrecomposerworkstracks.cb.values.xml: Permission denied"

I'm guessing for some reason there is a difference in permission settings between the old and new SSOTS/SC versions, but I've no idea how to solve this.

The server log contains a number of the reports below in the Custom Scan progress, but I don't know if this is related or could be a separate problem:

"Slim::Menu::Base::addItem (173) SystemInfo menu item "library" failed: Can't call method "get_column" on an undefined value at /share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/SSOTS/var/home/SqueezeboxServer/Slim/Schema.pm line 1411."

Can anyone help?


Unix skills/knowledge: nil
Qnap TS109/II NAS, f/w 3.1.0 (0708T)
SSOTS 4.2 (upgraded from 3.18)
SBS 7.4.1 r28947 (upgraded from SC 7.3.1)
Custom Browse v2.10
Custom Scan v?
2 x SB Classic
WinXP pc (for web browser interfaces, using Firefox)

2010-01-05, 15:38
The user running Squeezebox Server needs to have write permissions to the directories you have specified in Custom Browse settings page.

2010-01-06, 15:01
Thanks, but please explain "The user running Squeezebox Server". How do I find out the name of this user?

Using the NAS admin GUI, I have made sure all the visible users and groups have R/W access to Qmultimedia. Current users are "admin" and "ssods"; groups are "administrators", "everyone" and "ssods". Can I be sure the SBS user is among these?

2010-01-06, 18:01
Thanks, but please explain "The user running Squeezebox Server". How do I find out the name of this user?

If you can login with ssh on the NAS, you should be able to run something like:
ps aux|grep slim
ps aux|grep squeeze

Or as an alternative, you can ask the developer that provided the SBS installation package for the NAS.

I'm guessing SBS is executed by the admin user but I'm not completely sure.