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Dondi Fusco
2004-08-04, 00:55
Didnt you say you bought this off ebay?? IMO, you
shouldnt have a beef, being you got your product from
an auction. I have an old SLIMP3 and Im more than
happy to buy the new SBG because of the quality
product & support... I don't feel you got hosed at all
by buying your SB 3rd-hand from somebody over the

-- D

--- g7pkf <dean (AT) packetradio (DOT) co.uk> wrote:

> I do hate it when people don't read the original
> post.
> My complaint to slimdevices people and i hope they
> read this.
> is that the
> upgrade does not seem to be avalible outside the us
> yet
> and that they have not taken into account people who
> recently
> purchased one.
> I am considering re-selling mine and giving up with
> it
> as i am not happy about
> no notice being given of a possible upgrade and no
> discount
> for recent purchasers.
> I cant justfy paying out over $100 (incl vat and
> duty)
> again after such a short time.
> the other purpose of the post was to hopefully make
> the guys at slim realize that not everyone is
> over the moon after the upgrade
> and maybe change the way they do the next one.
> also will they be continuing support for those
> of us that cant afford the upgrade?
> all in all i am very unhappy, not with the device
> but
> in the way that the upgrade has been marketed.