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Stuart Cooper
2004-08-04, 00:25
It's not the UK suppliers that are ripping anyone off - it's the
taxation system (CEO Tony Blair).

Electrical goods of this nature are subject to around a 5% import duty
and 17.5% VAT - the VAT is applied ON TOP of all other charges
(including shipping) so you can see how the price shoots up.

If you import one yourself from the US, you WILL get hit with these
charges, which (even without shipping charges) means $279 becomes over
189 (at today's exchange rate)

UK customers are getting a fair deal once you take the above into
account - I'd be much happier if we didn't get hit with all this duty,
believe me. If you feel strongly about this, write to your MP - he's the
only person who can do anything about it.

Stuart Cooper

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I also think we're being ripped off in the UK and looked into selling
some myself as I know a group of people who would be interested and the
idea was I would install it for them etc.

I contacted slim who put me in touch with a UK importer who offered to
sell them to me wholesale for more than I bought mine for retail! My
profit per unit would be -6 before I even added shipping costs or my

What did Tony Blair say about rip-off Britain?

It just beggars belief!

John M Hunt

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> After 9 months of using the slim software
> i finally saved up enough to buy one
> now saving being the operative word, with a baby
> on the way money is tight,
> uk suppliers charge $1=1 so in reality for us uk
> people get charged $350 and $420 dollars)(ish)
> respectively. import and you get
> stuffed for customs charges and 17.5% vat.
> so i bought a brand new one of ebay.
> and 3 days later it is out of date.
> $89 for an upgrade???? for something only 3
> days old!!!!!!!!