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John Carmac
2010-01-04, 19:36
Mr. Joltdude,

1.) Thanks for sticking up for me, a lowly SB radio owner who was told by Logitech presales that the SB radio included tone controls (treble and bass) in the audio settings on the radio menu.

2.) I agreed with you entirely that the cognoscenti of this fine forum are total SB snobs that do not understand the commercial market. The breakthrough and potentially "ipod like - SB Jesus Radio" is missing simple radio tone controls that are present on EVERY decent radio sold in the last 30 years.

3.) All we need is an acknowledgment that yes treble and bass control is a significant missing feature and will be firmware added in the next xx months.

4.) After reading posts from Mr. Snarlydick, it appears that the general recommendations for a sincere SB questions is that everything SB is bitchin' and you should buy 3 of each for each room for everything "you are trying to accomplish". GMAFB, All we want to do is listen to the damn radio that doesn't sound like a POS with way to much bass for talk radio, etc.

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2010-01-04, 19:50
I'll censor you instead. Banned. Please don't feed the trolls.

2010-01-04, 22:15
And there was much rejoicing!