View Full Version : F*****d off

2004-08-03, 23:28
After 9 months of using the slim software
i finally saved up enough to buy one
now saving being the operative word, with a baby
on the way money is tight,
uk suppliers charge $1=£1 so in reality for us uk
people get charged $350 and $420 dollars)(ish)
respectively. import and you get
stuffed for customs charges and 17.5% vat.
so i bought a brand new one of ebay.
and 3 days later it is out of date.
$89 for an upgrade???? for something only 3
days old!!!!!!!!

only had it 3 days and already i feel cheated.

I think ill emigrate to the states.

At least with cars they tell you when a new
model is coming out....and offer a
discount on the old one.

my rant over. not meant to offend anyone
(except the prat that decided not to
ofer purchasers within the last 90 days a
better discount on the upgrade, Like free)

Dean G7PKF