View Full Version : Tricky Shuffle Problem

2010-01-04, 05:31
I have a brand new SB3 sitting in its box gathering dust. I am prepared to buy a TranquilPC or similar to serve up the music. I already have the desktop PC. I just need to know one thing before I plunge in (I have scoured this forum and other sources on the web with only inconclusive results):-

I need to be able to set up a playlist of, say, 500 songs from my flac files (easy). I need to shuffle the list so it plays the songs in a random order (easy). But here's the tricky bit - after I have played, say, 25 songs, I would like to be able to add into the remaining 475 songs another couple of albums' worth of fresh tracks and reshuffle (without including the 25 songs already played so that no song is ever repeated). Thus creating a sort of melting pot of music where no song is ever repeated and I can keep adding new material as other songs get played. And I would like to be able to save the list of unplayed tracks at any given time in case of a powerdown for any reason.

Can any of the experts out there help me, please? My sincere apologies if this is a real id10t question!!