View Full Version : Can I find out what speed my Squeezeboxen are connected at?

2010-01-03, 12:43
I've just done a WLAN reconfig (my old SB1 has been replaced by a Classic, so now I'm "802.11g only"). Judging by general Squeezebox responsiveness and the time that the "buffer" indicator takes to get to 100%, performance has improved significantly. I'm a happy bunny!

It got me thinking - on my laptop, I can see the speed that I'm connected to the wireless network. Is there any way to tell how fast the connection for each Squeezebox is?

(I'm aware of the Network Test function to gauge throughput, but for clarity I'm asking about the reported connection speed here).


2010-01-03, 21:22
Does your router / wireless access point give you that info? Mine will at least tell me what the connection type is.