View Full Version : Blown PSU on Squeezebox Classic

2010-01-03, 06:32
A burning smell came from my stereo cabinet the other day. Before I could discover the source, my Squeezebox Classic display went off. Investigation showed that my Squeezebox PSU was charred and melted. I tried another PSU on the Squeezebox but sadly it now longer seems to work.

I have put an old PC into service as a temporary replacement which auto boots straight to SoftSqueeze. Using my TV as a monitor and a wire-free mouse sort-of works, but I do miss my Squeezebox.

Does anyone know if it is possible for it to be repaired? Or would it be more economical to look for a replacement on eBay. Or should I put some money aside for a Duet (which seems to be the best replacement for the Classic)?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Patrick Dixon
2010-01-04, 06:43
If you are in the UK or EU, I have NOS PSUs - contact me via the link below. Otherwise, try Logitech support.

2010-01-04, 12:30
You can buy new PSU's from Logitech I think, or you could go to an electronics store and buy a 5v dc adaptor that outputs 1amp+. I checked these out last week and found several good options at surplus for less than $10.

Tip - the power brick from old Cisco DSL modems works perfectly.

2010-01-04, 22:56
The OP said the Classic is no longer functioning another PSU plugged in... He may need a new replacement.