View Full Version : Can't get radio to work on SB3 + Mac Mini

2010-01-02, 07:40
Hi all

I have a Mac Mini that host all my music. The setup is as follows:
SB3 - ethernet - Mac - wifi - router - modem - isp

Normal file playback is fine, it's only internet radio that fails. Opening the radio channels in a normal browser works fine.

The Mac has internet access, I'm writing this post from it. I can browse the available radio channels on the SB3 but when I press play nothing happens. The GUI says "connecting" for a few seconds then the status goes back to stopped. Selecting mysqueezebox.com as music source on the SB3 fails too (Yes, I am signed in).

Does anyone have a similar setup that can help me debug?


2010-01-02, 07:52
I'm a bit confused. Are you hard wired to your SB from your Mac Mini with an ethernet crossover cable? If so you might try disconnecting it then unplug the power to the SB for a minute. When you re-connect the power to the SB hold down the " + " button on the controller. This will re-set the unit and allow you to choose a wireless connection. Let us know.

2010-01-02, 11:11
Yes, it's a wired connection between the SB3 and the Mac. I really don't want to switch to wireless since I'll loose the WOL feature. Also I seem to remember that it's not recommend to have both the server and the SB3 on wireless. Is that still the case?

I have shared my internet connection between wifi and ethernet. At least I think I have. But something is keeping the SB3 from connecting. I guessing that radio streaming is working for others and I was hoping to find someone with a similar setup.

2010-01-02, 18:44
Mac has to route between ethernet and wifi - I don't know about Mac but on Windows this needs to be enabled.

Alternative config would be SB3 connected by wifi to router and have SB3 bridge Mac to Wifi (i.e. wired connected between mac and SB3).

2010-01-02, 21:20
Why don't you just wire the SB directly to the router?

2010-01-03, 03:58
In your setup, the SB3's can talk to the Mini, but not to the internet (unless you set the mini to bridge) and thus can play all of the mini's music but none of the internet.

After I put my sb3's behind a firewall (I just didn't see any point in exposing them to the world) I found out radio didn't work anymore. There is a setting in Squeezecenter that may work in your setup: goto your Squeezebox server settings, choose Player -> Audio and change the MP3 Streaming method to 'Proxied Streaming'

That said, I recommend the suggestions by the earlier posters and hookup your SB3's directly to the router.


2010-01-03, 06:01
Thanks for all your help.
I got it working now. Looking at the wireless DHCP table in my router I saw that the SB3 had an address. It shouldn't have one since it's configured to use ethernet.
I'm not sure what exactly helped but after flushing my DHCP table and resetting the SB3 radio started working.

Thanks again.