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2010-01-01, 17:27
I'm trying to sync an SB1 (wired), SB3 (wired) and a Radio (wireless, but with good signal) all connected to a server running 7.4.1. I'm playing local 256kbps MP3 files.

I can sync the SB1 and the SB3.
I can sync the SB3 and the Radio (or even multiple Radios).
Syncing the SB1 and the Radio doesn't work (they play out of sync by a few seconds).
As expected, trying to sync all three doesn't work (same symptoms).

Should this work?

2010-01-03, 04:04
In default setting all SB's get their internet radio feeds directly and individually, so there is no mechanism (other than sheer luck) that they will ever be in sync.

Perhaps if you change the setting on all players to proxied streaming it will work. To do that, go in the SB server' Player tab and for each player select the Audio tab and set in the last field 'MP3 streaming' to 'Proxied streaming'

Hope this helps.

2010-01-03, 04:26
When players are synced, SBS terminates the streams and redistributes to all so in effect it does "proxied streaming" automatically. Since 7.3 (I think or maybe 7.3.3) sync mechanism has changed to allow internet streaming properly and to sync in mid stream.

SB1 has a small buffer and with change in sync mechanism in 7.3, it is more difficult for SB1 to participate with large buffer players.

2010-01-03, 05:17
Yes, but this scenario should still work. If you collect a log at levels player.source=info, player.sync=debug and open a bug with this specific title, assign it to ayoung 'at' slimdevices.com, and attach the logfile, I'll take a look at it.

2010-01-03, 08:45
I checked the sync settings on all the players, and noticed that the SB1 had the "Min sync adjustment" set to 50 ms, all the other players were at 10 ms. I changed this so that all players were set to 10 ms and did a hard reboot on all the players.

At this point the sync is now working fairly well for local files as well as internet streams. I still occasionally experience:

1) No sound from one of the players, even though it appears to be playing
2) Skipped songs
3) Playing starting a second or two into a songs

I only see these problems occasionally and only when the SB1 is in the mix.

awy: If I can get a solid repro I'll file a bug, thanks.

2010-01-03, 11:58
I picked up an SB1 cheap on craigslist a while back and tried to add it to my mix, but ultimately gave up.

After going through a number of troubleshooting steps the basic problem, from what I experienced, is the buffer on the SB1 is just too small and it can't compensate for the problems that the newer players mask.

YMMV but based on my experiences it will never work reliably and will adversely affect the sync of the other players.

2010-01-03, 19:06
I'm experienceing a similar problem with the addition of a third SB;

SB1 - Duet
SB2 - Boom
SB3 - Boom

All devices are wireless (no issues on that front) and I previously had SB1 and SB2 synchronised, running on SBS 7.4.1 (hosted on XP).

I've just upgraded the server hardware and installed WHS, including the WHS-specific SBS 7.4.2

With all devices on, I'm trying to synchronise them via the SBC. However SB2 is asking if I want to sync to SB3 and vice-versa, when all I really want to do is sync SB2 and SB3 to SB1.

In either case, the SBC menu shows;

- Sync to SBx (x is the Boom I am not controlling at the time)
- Unsync

Using these circular references got the Boom's sync'd on Radio Paradise, while the Duet continued to stream BBC R2.

If it makes any difference, I was playing BBC R2 via the BBC app installed on MSB.com. I also noted that there was a distinct absence of a sync option when controlling the Duet.

Am I missing something here?