View Full Version : Softsqueeze 1.0

2004-08-03, 15:06
Just in case you've not heard Softsqueeze 1.0 has now been released. This is
available with SlimServer V5.3 beta, or at the usual place

The changes since Softsqueeze 0.5 are:

- Support for the new Squeezebox Graphics display.
- Slim Devices skin with horizontal and vertical remotes.
- Added synchronization with hardware players (requires slimserver 5.2 and
Java 1.5 for this to work).
- Fixed the kangaroo window dragging (requires Java 1.5 or better).
- Patch for Java Layer to fix some mp3 decoding problems.
- Allow configuration of the slimproto and slimserver ports.
- Improved instructions and FAQ on the Softsqueeze website.

With working synchronization I have now completed my original objectives for
Softsqueeze, but don't worry with all the good ideas from you all it's just
going to get better ;)