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Colin Burn-Murdoch
2004-08-03, 13:14
Looks good :) are any of these getting to resellers in the UK?

From the look of the PDF, the existing IR cable is removed, and a new one is connected that only plugs into one of the connectors (pin 1). Do pin 1 and 2 really need to be cut? Can't they just be left with nothing connected. Also can't the IR cable just be removed, without any cutting?


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Subject: [slim] New product: Graphic Squeezebox

> Slim Devices is pleased to announce a major update to Squeezebox. We've
> replaced our venerable 2-line text display with a beautiful new graphic
> display.
> Shipping TODAY are three new products:
> - Graphic Squeezebox (wireless) $279
> - Graphic Squeezebox (wired) $199
> - Graphic Display Upgrade Kit $69 (after rebate), free US shipping
> The new Squeezebox display has 280 x 16 pixels, providing a stunning
> interface appearance as well as advanced animation capabilities. Our
> web site has just been updated with photos of the new interface.
> A hardware upgrade kit is also available, which converts an original
> 2-line text Squeezebox into the new graphic Squeezebox. The upgrade kit
> includes free shipping in the USA, with a $20 rebate if you choose to
> return your original character display. Reseller pricing and
> availability will be announced shortly. More information about the
> upgrade kit is available here:
> http://www.slimdevices.com/pi_display_upgrade.html
> Along with this new hardware, we are pleased to announce two major
> software releases:
> * SlimServer V5.3 beta, featuring an enhanced user interface that takes
> advantage of the new display. This release adds improved fonts, as well
> as graphical elements in the user interface. Also included (for
> developers) is a preview of our upcoming visualizer feature, which can
> display high-speed audio visualization at up to 100 frames per second!
> * SoftSqueeze version 1.0, by Richard Titmuss, adds support for the new
> Squeezebox graphics capabilities and is included in the 5.3 beta
> release. Please give it a try to see how the new display works.
> We hope that all Squeezebox owners will consider the upgrade kit. We've
> priced it as low as possible, because we want everyone to enjoy this
> new functionality. Also, over the next few weeks, many new software
> capabilities will be added to the graphic Squeezebox - what you see
> today is just a starting point for this versatile display.
> Thanks everyone,
> Sean Adams
> CEO, Slim Devices