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2009-12-31, 09:03
Hi there,

I am currently developping a really simple GUI to control my squeezeboxes from my computer, whithout the need to open my browser (tested on linux, but it should work on win, granted you have proper python libs installed)

Current functionalities are quite simple (play, pause, move in the playlist) and really need to be enhanced (i.e. it does not allow yet to modify the playlist itself and signals from SC are trapped with an ugly gobject timeout)
-> it is really far from production use, even from an "alpha release"

Nevertheless, it's a start and if some of the people there are interested in python code to connect to the SBs via JSON, here it is ...

1. unzip
2. in sb_gui.py modify cnx=sb_connect.Connection("starchaser") (replace "starchaser" with your server name or IP)
3. run "python sb_gui.py"
(You'll need simplejson and gtk python libs)

2009-12-31, 12:37
Hi Elric

Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to give it a spin. Please post updates as your development evolves. There are a few other developments in Python you may be interested in having a look at:

Dwite (which I see you're aware of)
Slimserver control (Python based Amarok plugin): http://www.kde-apps.org/content/download.php?content=49912

2010-01-03, 07:09
Thx for the links, I did not know all ...

Current playlist management now working !
I am now working on handling notification from the server (i.e. track changes) to avoid ugly gobject.timeout (unactived in current source because it's definitively too ugly :))

Attached are some screenshots and new code version
(config is now editable in config.py)

2010-01-11, 13:11
Hi eLR!C

Here's another in case you missed it. ScrawnyServer: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=73646

2010-01-11, 23:40
Interesting !

However, scrawnyserver is a new server implementation while pysc is a front-end to the original squeezecenter

Anyway, it's good to see that many python hacks :)