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Chris Brooking
2004-08-03, 06:46
I have the same problem in handheld...


From: Nic Breese [mailto:nic.breese (AT) btinternet (DOT) com]
Sent: 03 August 2004 13:42
To: Slim Devices Discussion
Subject: [slim] Handheld skin

When first entering the handheld skin the default (active) squeezebox is
the first in the list (appears alphabetical). If I change to a different
one all works fine until I use the search pages. Search for a song,
select it and choose play and it applies it to the original dault
squeezebox. Going back to the status screen shows that it has changed
back to that default box.

I don't get this behaviour using any other skins.

Same symptons when running on either Windows XP Pro or Pocket PC 2002 on
an ipaq. I am using the latest formal release of Slimserver 5.2.1.

Is this a known feature?