View Full Version : can't find wireless network / may need to reset

Bruce Conrad
2004-08-02, 23:45

I am attempting to set up a squeezebox. When I attempt to connect to my
wireless network, I get the message "Problem: Can't find a wireless network."

It was previously set up on another network, one that was set up for macs.
I'm able to enter my wireless network name, but that's about it. When I
browse current network settings, I see a different mac address and a
wireless IP address of (I guess that may be ok).

I have the squeezebox right next to my wireless router. I also have a
laptop on the wireless network so I know the network is ok. I'm also able
to connect via ethernet.

I added port forwarding for ports 3483, 9000, and 9090 to my computer after
reading some of the documentation.

I'm wondering if I need to somehow reset the squeezebox to start over from
scratch. Really what I want to do is connect to the wireless network. Any
help is appreciated.