View Full Version : FLACs announced as mpegs?

2009-12-29, 09:31
I noticed SqueezeBox server announces FLAC files as mpegs in the http streaming header. Has it always done this? Can this be fixed?

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: Squeezebox Server (7.4.1 - 28947)
Content-Type: audio/mpeg
icy-metaint: 32768
icy-name: Welcome to Squeezebox Server

2009-12-29, 09:35
That content-type is ignored by the players, so we never bothered to fix it. Do you need it for something else?

2009-12-29, 09:36
Oh I looked at your headers again, if you're using stream.mp3, it is always in mp3 format. I thought you meant the stream that is sent to the players.

2009-12-29, 09:56
Yes, the stream that is sent to players. I have been playing around with writing my own software player. It's very similar to SqueezeSlave and it would be nice to have the http header that is correct. If I write a patch the SBS that fixes this will you commit it to the main code?

2009-12-29, 09:57
Absolutely, thanks.

2009-12-29, 11:28
Absolutely, thanks.

And that, right there, is why I love having a commercial product that runs open source software. Anyone can add to the enjoyment if they want to.

2009-12-29, 14:48
Here is the bug ticket with the attached patch


2009-12-29, 15:12
Thanks, applied with a few minor changes.