View Full Version : Linkstation Pro users - what are your plans?

2009-12-29, 07:15
I'm running 7.3.3 on my Linkstation Pro using opened, stock firmware and the IPKG version of SqueezeCenter. Everything is working fine. I am thinking about the upgrade to 7.4.x and beyond, and it is looking like the Linkstation won't make it without Linux skills beyond what I have.

I've been thinking of going the Sheevaplug route to save some watts and use a more supported platform, or just being happy with the older version of SqueezeCenter for now.

What are your thoughts on the benefit of a new platform just to run 7.4.x?

2009-12-29, 09:26
SheevaPlug = Perfect

See my signature ;)

2009-12-30, 07:45
About a year ago I switched from an LS Pro (reflashed to debian via FreeLink) to an MSI Wind nettop running Ubuntu 8.10, mostly because of hassles getting 7.4 running. The pluses are:

- THIS IS THE BIG ONE FOR ME: because it's an x86 processor I can use MusicIP mixer
- ease of server software upgrades (which I do a lot because I am usually running nightly betas)
- much faster scanning times (12 minutes instead of 70 minutes on a library of 5400 tracks)
- much faster web ui responsiveness
- lower power consumption. Even though it draws more power when running than the LS Pro (23w vs. 14w), it supports S3 suspend to RAM and Wake-on-Lan, so I can let it go to sleep (3w) when not actually serving music
- enough horsepower to actually run 2 instances of SBS, one a stable release for most of the house and a nightly beta running in a virtual machine for testing purposes

There are several other good options out there, like the Sheevaplug, the Vortexbox appliance (which is basically the same hardware as my MSI box), and the Vortexbox Micro Appliance (based on Fit2PC, which is also a great platform) to name a few.

On the other hand, if you aren't connecting directly to mysqueezebox.com or using an SB Radio, you don't really need to upgrade to 7.4.x, and can keep going with 7.3.3. The benefits of waiting are that the alternatives are only going to get better and cheaper. The benefit of acting now is instant gratification.