View Full Version : Strange behaviour

2009-12-29, 04:14
I had some strange glitches with my Squeezecenter environment yesterday - I was wondering if anyone could hazard a guess at what the problem is?

I'm running Squeezecenter 7.4 on Windows Server 2003. I have the following clients:
- 1 Squeezebox Duet, connected via ethernet/HomePlug
- 2 x Squeezebox booms connected via wifi
- 2 Softsqueeze clients running on Windows XP SP2 machines, connected via ethernet

While attempting to play a long playlist (about 500 tracks) on the Squeezebox Duet receiver it would frequently stop playing, then resume a few minutes later. Eventually I checked the Squeezecenter server machine and it was saying that the Squeezecenter server had been stopped. I restarted it, then tried playing tracks on one of the Softsqueeze clients (XP SP2). It would play a minute or so of the track, then the machine would spontaneously reboot itself.

These two incidents may be coincidence, but I have a feeling that they are related.

Can anyone suggest any likely causes of the problem.