View Full Version : Help with Squeezecenter

2009-12-27, 23:07
HI I have one of the first generation slimdevices squeezeboxes(pre-logitech). I tried to make it work and connect to my computer.

when I install the squeezebox server software (7.4.1) and the squeezebox server tray tool, they don't seem to operate on my computer..I double click on both of them and the sand clock comes for a second or 2 and then nothing at all..as if they did not load..Not sure whats going on.

I have windows xp. I uninstalled and cleaned manually (I think) all instances of squeezecenter and slim devices from the registry, restarted and re-installed. However, the same thing happens...

I looked on this forum but cant find anything that helps me..can anyone point me to something discussing this or has an answer for me?

The squeezebox works but cant connect to my computer...

ps: I can play radio and everything else from my squeezebox, but i cant access my computer library music files.