View Full Version : Mixed success scanning music folders

Richard Scales
2004-08-02, 10:35
Hello all.

I have been running SlimServer now for many many months but have noticed
since V4 and Now V5 - I am currently running V5.2.1.

I have 2 x 160 GB drives running on a Windows 2K box. Each drive has a
folder within which lie all the folders for each album.

The two data drives are:



There is another folder: C:\slimp3data which simply contains two shortcuts
to the drives mentioned above. SlimServer looks into c:\slimp3data to find
its music.

The problem that I am currently experiencing is that it will find all the
music on f:\music but when the scan eventually (10hrs+) completes - it
reveals none of the data on g:\data.

Previously I pointed slimserver to g:\data which in turn contained a
shortcut to f:\music - this worked some times but 'usually' only found music
that lived in g:\data and none from f:\music.

If I browse by folders, it lists both drives and I can navigate down each
drive and find all my music.

This is all running on a Win2K box with dual PIII 733 and 1GB Ram.

Am I missing something? Are there any potential pitfalls that I should be
aware of ?

Kind regards

Richard Scales