View Full Version : register a squeezebox duet

2009-12-27, 09:01
Where can I insured that this product is registered with Logitech. I want to make sure that it covered on the warranty. I am all ready having trouble with it. I have only had about a week. On Christmas day the battery would not charge and the controller went dead. Would not charge for the next two days. Then this morning like magic it began to charge. I is now once again working. Yes I tried different outlets. It is working now but I am worry on how long it will last since it has fail once already.

2009-12-28, 00:04
Logitech support maybe ?

2009-12-28, 13:48
I received this reply from Logitech Squeezebox support.

"All Squeezebox Products are covered by a 2 year warranty, no registration required. I recommend keeping a record of your purchase however, in the event that the products purchase date comes into question. Things like the Charging dock will always be under warranty, if it continues to give you issues, please contact support and we'll ship a replacement."