View Full Version : Did I find an iPeng bug?

2009-12-26, 04:59
When connected to mysqueezebox.com, I can't add entire Rhapsody albums to my playlist. I select "add all" but it only adds the first track of the album. If I use the Boom directly to navgiate to Rhapsody and select an album, I'm album to add the whole album to the playlist (and iPeng sees this.) This seems to only be an issue when connecting via msb.com.

Am I doing something wrong? Is it an iPeng issue or a msb.com issue?

2009-12-26, 11:26
If it's only MySB it's probably a MtSB issue. There have been quite a few quirks around this, originally you were not able to play single tracks...
Could you file a ticket, I would like to investigate this. There's a bug report link on penguinlovesmusic.com

2009-12-26, 15:48
I gave it a try and for me it doesn't add _anything_. Play and "play next" works.
I believe this is this reloaded:

2009-12-30, 17:54
Thanks Pippin. Just got back from holiday travels and was going to file that bug report -- seems unnecessary now, no?

2009-12-30, 18:13
Not so sure. Just reopened it because I still see the issue on test.squeezenetwork.com