View Full Version : Whoops I installed Linux

Niek Jongerius
2004-08-01, 22:53
Hi James,

> Well I am so happy now. Opened a bottle of white wine, so no more playing.

Didn't know one wasn't allowed to "drink-and-listen" in the UK... :-)

> I will have look to see if I can understand the script you sent me
> tomorrow.....

Not much trickery I assure you. I basically ripped out all of the RedHat
specifics, and made the script stand-alone (apart from the settings the
RPM put in /etc/sysconfig/slimserver).

> I seem to have a buffer problem so it looks like I will not be able to
> use my wireless network. I guess that is a Suse problem. I will buy a x
> over cable tomorrow so I can use my Slimp properly.
> would you be interested in tutoring a willing student in getting this to
> work over a wireless network?

If you really have a SliMP3 (instead of a Squeezebox), you probably have
some wireless bridge construction in place. Testing with a cross-over is
a sensible test, as it will confirm whether any issues are really wireless
related. There have been several threads on the list re wireless problems
(mainly problems caused by insufficient signal strength, interference by
microwave/other access points/unshielded power supplies). Check them out,
play around with positioning the AP, the channel used etc.

> I guess the first question I have is how do I get this script to work
> when I start up.

It should start automagically if you followed instructions. I let you put
a symlink in /etc/rc.d/rc5.d, which will cause the script to execute when
your box is booting SuSE (the "5" is the default runlevel the system will

> I have heard that you don't have to re-start linux systems :-)

:-) That depends on what you do with it. It is not a "you have moved your
mouse, please reboot your system"-kind of OS, but if for instance the HW
is flaky or if you like to hack into the kernel, it will need its share of
reboots just as any other OS.