View Full Version : Delete file from controller

2009-12-24, 09:39
Is there any way (plugin?) to delete an mp3 file (physically, from the hard disc of the server) from the controller? I have a massive folder of music I got from a friend and I hate some of the songs but I'm too lazy to listen to the entire folder on my desktop. I'd rather just grab the controller and press DELETE every time I hear a song that I want to delete.

2009-12-24, 12:48
No, the Squeezebox server never writes to your music library.

But you can "zap" a song while listening (press and hold "+" on the IR remote, no idea which key does that on the Controller) which creates a file called "zapped.m3u" in your playlist directory. You can then inspect that file on your desktop later and delete the unwanted files manually.

2009-12-24, 13:23
The controller doesn't seem to do this. When I hit the '+' button it brings up a menu asking me to choose amongst some other options.