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2004-08-01, 20:38
2.3 is the latest. I would only upgrade it if you are experiencing
problems, as upgrading the Slimp3 is a bit of a headache. Instructions for
performing the upgrade can be found on the slimdevices website.

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Hi All

I am the lucky owner of a Slimp3 device, and was vondering of the current
2.2 firmware it is running would benefit from an update.
I think I remember that a version 2.3 was discussed at one point, but I
haven't been able to find the firmware on the site anywhere.

I'm currently running slimserver 5.2.1, but the server software does not
appear to come with the scripts and firmware for the old Slimp3 devices any

Is there a more resent version of the firmware available, and would I
benefit from upgrading the device? If so where would I find this update?

Best Regards
Jan Petersen