View Full Version : duet controller settings not sticking

2009-12-22, 16:12

I am annoyed by how long it takes the Duet controller to wake up when it "sleeps". Its usually to quickly mute or silence a track for a phone call or something like that. The display just says "please wait" for up to a full minute before waking. I have gone into the settings and under "Factory Test" there is the power management which I disable. However, the settings keep returning to enabled. How can I keep this setting set??

thanks for any help--

2009-12-23, 00:35
I have this problem too. haven't found a solution yet.

2009-12-24, 20:13
Same here...

2009-12-25, 15:00
Which firmware are you using ? Did it become after upgrade ?

2009-12-28, 21:59
It says "welcome to 4.7" each time it boots. I've never intentionally upgraded it; it arrived about a month ago.