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2009-12-22, 06:11

Can anyone please tell me how to create a playlist?

2009-12-22, 15:53
Before you create playlists using Squeezebox Server, you need to have entered a playlist directory in Settings and make sure it is read/writeable by SBS.

If you want to create your playlists in Squeezecenter, see this thread:

Using Web Interface: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=62042&highlight=playlist

You create a playlist using the Controller in a similar way - add songs to the Now Playlist list, then scroll down to the end of the Now Playing list and there is an option to save it.

You also create playlists using other bits of software (m3u or .pls format) and move them into the playlist folder which SBS reads. However, the file paths will need to be consistent between Squeezecenter and whichever sofware you are using - so if Winamp (for example) sees the path to your music files as C:/Music and Squeezecenter Music Library is set up to read //Music/ or similar, a playlist created in Winamp won't work. Once you've created your playlist in the other music management program, move the playlist into whichever folder you've set up in Settings/Playlist Folder and do a playlist only rescan.

See also the Playlist Manager plugin which I think is working with the current release of SBS and which extends some functionality.