View Full Version : iTunes bitrate query when using iPeng

2009-12-21, 17:31
Most of my music is ripped from CD into FLAC files on my PC, but I have a few tracks downloaded from iTunes.

When playing these iTunes tracks using the iPeng app on my iPhone, if I go into Song Info, then select More Info the bitrate appears as 259kbps CBR (Converted to 1411.2kbps ABR). What exactly does this mean?

Surely if the track was downloaded with a bitrate of 259kbps, that is how it will play. How can it be playing the track with a 1411.2kbps bitrate?

2009-12-21, 17:44
Because it's being transcoded on the server and sent to the player as flac.
The Squeezeboxes before Touch (not sure about Radio) can't play AAC natively.