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Andrew B.
2009-12-20, 15:39
I have had a Squeezebox 3 since they first came out and it has been working fine over a wireless network, with my main study PC acting as the server. Now that I've moved house, there are two very thick brick walls between my router (and PC) and the lounge where the SB3 sits, with the result that my flac files drop out all of the time. So I've decided to try to do away with the network issue and put a small computer with external hard drive right there in the lounge, next to the SB3. That way I won't be relying on the wireless network.

But I can't get it to work.

I have an old Mac mini that I thought I would use to run the server software and connect to the hard disk. It is a pre-Intel one so I had a bit of a runaround trying to get an old version of Squeezecenter that would run on it - I now have 7.3.4 and the server side seems fine. But I can't seem to set the Squeezebox up to see the mac mini properly. To be honest I can't get my head around the idea of creating a network between the two devices that doesn't have a router involved. When I tell the SB3 that it should connect by wired ethernet then it tries to get an IP address via DHCP but of course the mac doesn't give it one. And if I give it a manual IP address then it asks for details like the router IP and DNS server IP, neither of which seem to apply at all...

What am I doing wrong?



2009-12-20, 15:56
Have you reset the SB3 to Factory Default setting? If I remember you would unplug the power from the SB3 for about 5 minutes then hold down the " + " or " Add " button on the remote and you should be back to the Factory reset. If you are using and ethernet connection be sure you are using an ethernet crossover cable not a regular ethernet cable between your Mac Min and SB3. I've used that type of setup in the past without problems although it was with an older version of Squeeze Server ( then called Squeezecenter ) You would then go through setup and select ethernet connection. Of course with that setup you would not be able to access internet stations.

2009-12-20, 16:54
I have an old Mac mini that I thought I would use to run the server software and connect to the hard disk. It is a pre-Intel one so I had a bit of a runaround trying to get an old version of Squeezecenter that would run on it - I now have 7.3.4 and the server side seems fine.

I know this isn't the main thrust of your question, but I run the beta of 7.5 on one of the first batch of minis - a 1.42GHz PPC macine with 1GB of RAM and it's fine - much faster on 7.5 than on 7.3. That is on OS X 10.5 - upgraded several times from the original 10.3 (I think) that came on it. So it's certainly possible to use it on such a relatively elderly, low-powered, machine.


2009-12-20, 17:47
I'm not a Mac person, but generally speaking without a DHCP server for either device to get an IP address from, you should assign them both static IPs in the same subnet.

That means use something like this:

IP address of mac:
subnet of mac:

IP address of SB:
subnet of SB:
gateway/etc for SB: (if you really need to put this info in)

Hope this helps


Andrew B.
2009-12-21, 15:29
Thanks for all the hints and tips. I still can't get it to work properly (getting the "can't connect to server" message). I have set static IPs in the same range for the mac mini and the SB3. The SB3 finds the mac mini's IP address as a possible server but can't seem to make it run.

I'm now wondering if I need an even older version of Squeezecenter than 7.3.1 to work with OS X 10.3.9, which is what is running on the mini. It doesn't seem to play tracks properly even just using the web interface on the mac itself. Where do I find an older version and how far back in time should I go?

Anyone know?

2009-12-22, 03:21
is it possible you need a crossover cable as opposed to a regular ethernet cable?

2009-12-22, 05:31
Have you opened up TCP Port 9000 and whatever those other ones are?

Not sure where this is done with OSX, the version of SBS "should" be irrelevant.


edit: The other TCP POrts are 3483 (slimproto) and 9090 (CLI)

2009-12-22, 06:03
Another option may be the installation of a respectively the activation of the DHCP server on your Mac mini.

Andrew B.
2009-12-25, 13:46
Happy Christmas to all. I got it working finally by switching off the airport (internal wifi connection in the mac mini). That seemed to allow the ethernet to work properly so that the SB could see the server on the mac mini. It isn't ideal, as I now can't use iPeng to control the mac mini, so I will have to work out a solution in a quiet moment.


2009-12-26, 17:16
i should have thought of that... i actually have a similar issue when i directly connect my vista laptop to my xp desktop (via crossover cable), i have to disable the wireless on at least one of them if not both.

it shouldn't be necessary, but i haven't figured out the proper procedure yet, as i only ever do it temporarily.

2009-12-26, 18:12
I am thinking about connecting a network HD directly via ethernet to the Duet Receiver, so my computer does not have to be awake during hours of listening. My questions are:

1) Will the receiver still accept a wireless signal (for Radio/Pandora) when connected to a HD via ethernet (and therefore receive wireless AND ethernet)?

2) When setting up the Duet, it asked whether to use itunes. If I have the itunes library and all music on my HD connected to receiver WITHOUT a computer, will it be able to play all this or does it need a processor as well?