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2009-12-20, 15:10
Can the SqueezePlay software be controlled by the "Controller" as if it were a "Receiver"? The reason I ask is that I plan to buy an AMD Geode based PC to run SqueezeCenter, and I figured that could double as a receiver in that room. (I wouldn't want to connect a monitor or keyboard).



2009-12-21, 02:20
Sure it can, tried it this instant.
Which OS do you play to use on the Geode btw?

2009-12-21, 02:45
SqueezePlay is like a receiver/player + controller.

So it can be controlled by anything that control a player. This includes another controller, the web ui (http://localhost:9000), squeezeplay on another PC, Moose, ipeng, etc etc.

2009-12-21, 04:19
(I wouldn't want to connect a monitor or keyboard).

In that case you might want to use SqueezeSlave rather than SqueezePlay. It has less overhead, less bugs, and synchronizes better with other players.

2009-12-21, 05:05
Thanks - that's all helpful.

What I had in mind was to use something like a tiny AMD Geode machine running Xubuntu with Squeezebox server and a USB DAC near my hifi, then receivers in other rooms. I was pondering on buying an Ipod touch with Ipeng instead of a Controller - is that a bad idea?

Much appreciated


2009-12-21, 11:18
What do you plan to spend on your Geode machine and the USB DAC? The Sheevaplug with external 3.5" HD and an SB Classic (end of line, you might get a good price on one) might be an alternative (of course you have to have an additional Ethernet port at the right place).

2009-12-23, 04:40
my understanding from research and testing is that you *may* have buffering problems if you try to use a software player. http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/SqueezePlay

I have been using squeezeplay for a few days now while I have been waiting for my receiver to arrive. By the way, you can buy the receiver as a standalone device, you do not need to buy the remote control. I have been having often buffering/timing issues where things sound "slow" or "fast" and it is hit or miss.

Is this happening cause it is software/soundcard related problems? Is anybody able to say their softplayer works 100%? What is a recommended soundcard with spdif output??

2009-12-23, 16:33
As for you "softplayer" questions, I run squeezeslave on my desktop PC. It works well, but it's definitely not as solid as my hardware players. It also only supports 44.1kHz sample rates, so things played which are at other rates do play fast or slow. I recently had a response from "ralphy" who seems to be currently maintaining squeezeslave, with a link to settings to setup the server to make the rate conversions, but I haven't set it up yet. I do, however, like squeezeslave since it requires much less overhead than Softsqueeze and Squeezeplay, and I already have a number of ways to control my music from that location (open up a web browser and point to my Squeezeboxserver, use Moose, or grab my controller which normally sits on top of my PC in its charger). Since I mostly listen to local music ripped from CDs, it works very well for me.
With "soft" players, you cannot guarantee good synchronization like you can with "hardware" players - so if that's important to you, then you may consider a hardware player in that location too... Personally, I use synchronization in other parts of my house, but haven't really been bothered by the lack of good synch with my squeezeslave.

2009-12-23, 17:19
Thanks for the info, things change so often in this scene it is great to get such fast responses. Right now I have ordered my SB Receiver from logitech.com and I think it may be out of stock because it has been a few days waiting and I paid extra for next day delivery. So, in the meantime I am using SqueezePlay beta. I have set up my SB Server, and configured it to run on Windows Server 2008 as a Windows Service. I have rebooted several times and it is working great. Now, I would like to set the SqueezePlay.exe player to start automatically at system startup, so if the server gets rebooted it will start up automatically and start sending audio out the soundcard. Any ideas how to do this?

My thinking is that i will find the Powertoy that allows user to login by default at system startup. Then I will write a batch file to wait 2 minutes so the player will start up after 2 minutes. I guess I am getting bored.. lol