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2009-12-20, 05:31
My set up is:

Linksys Ready NASDuo running Squeezecenter (7.4.1)
Squeeze Controller (7.4.1 r7915)
Squeezebox 3 (Firmware 130)

All the above are running 7.4.1. Both the Controller and the Squeezebox are connected by wireless, the NASDuo is wired.

Since upgrading to this release I have persistent stutter with audio playback through the controller.

A am certain this is NOT a wireless or server issue - I get no stutter from the Squeezebox (therefore not wireless causing the problem), and I DO get stutter playing BBC radio through the controller (therefore not my squeezecenter causing it either).

I have also tried re-applying the controller update - this produced no noticeable improvement.

Does anyone have any ideas?

2009-12-20, 09:14
search the forum for 'headphone' and 'controller' and you will find a lot of stuff written about your problem.

In short: Controller Playback got worse with 7.4.1.
Most people get better results if they deactivate the 'Now Playing' Screen/Screensafer which draws a lot of CPU resources.

2009-12-20, 10:26
Turned off the screensaver.

When I leave the controller on a static menu (such as the home one) it sounds fine so far.

If I select the "Now Playing" option from the home menu I get the stuttering again.

Looks like this is the problem - so at least I have a workaround solution.

Many thanks! I'll update this again after I've listened for longer

2009-12-21, 01:38
Time for an update.
Disabling the screensaver whilst playing music through the controller has drastically improved things, BUT it still gives the occasional glitch in midflow.

I've had a look at the cpu usage on the controller (ssh & top), and it is noticeably higher (for the jive process) when the screensaver is activated - so this looks promising in terms of identifying the problem. I guess though it's going to take a firmware upgrade to fix it properly.