View Full Version : Help with New software 7.4.1 for duet

2009-12-19, 21:05
We'd be very grateful if someone could assist us in trying to get the latest software to work on our squeezebox Duet.
I'm going grey and have lost count of the amount of hours we've spent trying to get our duet to work since downloading the latest software release.
The software loads ok and new features on the controller look very good, big plusses BUT....

Our receiver will not connect to the computer. We have spent hours on hold trying to get help from the support team but without success :-((
Probably the most frustrating part is that the support team staff we have spoken to (in NZ region) we not that knowledgable and had to talk to someone else and this is where we get cut off having spent a long time on the phone....

Anyway we'd be very grateful if anyone could help us get it working again... Please!!

Progress so far:

The controller is working ok on wireless.
The receiver is connected by a network cable to a DLink DSLG604T Router.
The squeezebox server (now webbased) starts up ok but cannot find the receiver??
We've reset both the controller and the receiver but with no luck.

We have turned the firewall and antivirus off.
We went into the DLink modem / router site and opened all the ports (DRZ) and still no joy.
The router seems to be working as normal but Logitech help think it may be a router problem but router support says its working fine...
We have since installed squeezecenter software version 7.0.1 and as if by magic.... its working fine...

Does anyone have any ideas??

By the Way:

- Controller firmware version
When 7.4.1 was loaded the latest firmware was loaded (with help from support)

- Receiver firmware version
When 7.4.1 was loaded the latest firmware was loaded (with help from support)

- Router details (DLink,DSL G604T, firmware version V3.00B02)
- SqueezeCenter version (if installed)
- What connection method are you using? (Controller wireless & Receiver wired)