View Full Version : Is there a way to correct this sync problem?

2009-12-19, 15:54
I usually have my boxes synched but I may only have one player on . When I am listening to an album track and I turn on another player the music always reverts back to the beginning of that track rather than just entering the music in play. I use sbs mainly lately but it
might do the same with msb.com. Can this be fixed? Thanks.

2009-12-19, 16:03
I'm pretty sure this is by design under the current sync method, so can't be changed. More info here:



2009-12-19, 18:35
I'm pretty sure this is by design under the current sync method, so can't be changed.
No, no! What Ikabob described is the behavior prior to Squeezecenter 7.3. At least for files that Squeezeboxes can play natively (MP3, FLAC, WMA[?]), mid-track sync works very nicely since 7.3. Mid-track sync was trouble in 7.2 and earlier, and was one of the main reasons I first wrote SyncOptions, but since 7.3, the regular SC/SBS software handles mid-track sync very well.

2009-12-19, 18:46
Yep. But what you describe is exactly the issue:
1. MySB: I don't think this always works
2. Which file format? AAC or ALAC? FLAC @high sample rates?

2009-12-20, 03:27
Thanks for trying to help with this problem. I am not real saavy with all these terms and abbreviations (flac,aac,alac,etc.). When I am listening to ,for instance,one radio station that is on a playlist and then I turn on another synced SB player, the station is switched to a previous station on the list. I then must rechange the station to the station I was originally listening to. It's not a big problem for me but when I demonstrating the SB stuff to friends , I have to explain what happened and it is viewed as a flaw in the system. Just wondered if it was something that could be corrected. By the way, I use ipeng as the controller(which I appreciate very much).

2009-12-20, 05:02
Do you mean real Radio stations or tracks from e.g. Napster etc?
For radio stations this really should not be.
It should also never switch to a PREVIOUS track, just to the beginning of the current one.
Are you using shuffle mode?

2009-12-20, 06:46
It happens with real radio stations. They move to the next station on the list and I have to restart the original station. Easy to do... Just wondered if there could be a fix. No, I am not in shuffle mode... Those little icons are white which I am of the opinion that white Icons mean nonfunctional.... Correct? With a list from Rhapsody you are right, the track restarts. Thanks.

2009-12-20, 06:56
Sounds like a bug.
I would file it: