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2009-12-17, 09:29
Hello. Let me preface my comments by saying that I love the Squeezebox line. I have four of them (1 Duet, 1 Boom and 2 Radios) and feel that they are wonderful devices.

That being said, I have a complaint with mysqueezebox.com's delivery of the Sirius and Napster music services. At various times, playback of these services will stop for no explicable reason. I understand that numerous bugs for variations of these problems with Sirius and Napster have been posted in bugzilla. However, I'm not sure how much emphasis Logitech is placing on solving these problems. For example, with the stop of playback for Sirius, this problem was first reported in March 2009 and yet it continues today. See https://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=11544. The target milestone for fixing the Sirius bug is 8.0, which does not give me much confidence that it will be fixed any time soon.

On the one hand, this may not seem like a big deal. If the stream stops playing, just push "play" again, right? Just pushing "play," however, gets extremely annoying in the middle of a party, when you're having dinner, or really when you're doing anything other than wanting to just push "play" again.

In my view, Logitech advertises that these products work with Sirius and Napster, but I don't see that these advertisements live up to their promises because of this stopped-playback problem. I understand that there will be bugs with any system, but it seems that these playback problems with Sirius and Napster (and maybe other services) have been known for some time.

Can we get any feedback from Logitech as to what steps will be taken to deal with this issue?


2009-12-19, 09:55
Apparently not. The problem is getting worse, rather than better, BTW.

2009-12-20, 20:54
Can we get any feedback from Logitech as to what steps will be taken to deal with this issue?
Have you called support? This is a users' forum. Some Logitech employees do participate here at times, but it's not an official support channel. For what it's worth, I haven't been experiencing the problems you describe with Napster. About a year ago I had problems with Napster stopping playback at times, but for the past 6-7 months it has been fine (knock wood). So you shouldn't necessarily assume that it's a general problem with the system and not something particular to your installation. I don't have any experience with Sirius.

2009-12-21, 13:24

Thanks for your response. Yes, I've contacted support a few times, but unfortunately they indicate that these are "engineering" issues which support cannot address. They've told me to check out bugzilla, but beyond that there's nothing they say that they can do.

As you point out, some Logitech employees do participate in the forums. That's why I posted here: I haven't seen much movement in bugzilla on these issues and thought if I could get any response from "engineering," it would here.

You are right that I shouldn't necessarily assume that the problem is a general one. I had used the same setup for months without a problem, but I understand that things can change. The fact that Napster is working for you is helpful to know, and I will take another look at my setup.

Thanks again for your comments.