View Full Version : Mis-tagging redux

Howard Durdle
2004-07-31, 04:21

I turned debugging (d_info, d_mp3) on, and told SlimServer to just index an
album I knew had problems (The Ministry Annual Spring 2004).

It has indexed the files exactly as it did before - the same tracks that got
mis-read last time are unplayable this time.

I've attached an extract from the log where it is attempting to read the
tags for one of the tracks that it failed on. (log_extract.txt) Looking at
the log, it looks like the server is failing to find any tags in the file,
so is attempting to guess the details based on the folder structure - it
then gets it wrong.

All the files on this album were tagged at the same time, with the same
software, so I can't see why some would work when others don't!

Just in case there could be a problem with the files, I'm going to re-rip
from the original CD, and go through this again.

I hope the log file helps someone who knows what Slim does internally - I've
got more chunks of log file if they're useful. Also, if it's worth turning
on any other debug flags, let me know and I'll do it again!

Is the entire log file kept anywhere? Or is it just accessible in chunks
via http://server:9000/log.txt ?

All the best,