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2009-12-15, 16:49
Just thought I'd share my positive experience of ordering a Sheevaplug in the UK from newit.co.uk. Service was very efficient - arrived within a couple of days of ordering (effectively 1 day considering when I ordered). Very good communications to let me know it had been dispatched and to check that it had arrived OK. Just thought they deserved a recommendation in case anyone is thinking of ordering one.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll get much chance to play with it before the Xmas holidays.. :-(

2009-12-16, 06:28
Been looking at these, sound too good to be true, only downside for me is they look very difficult to set up. I have read the information regarding setting up but its beyond me, its a pity you can,t just get one with everything pre installed. I await your opinion once you have it all set up.

2009-12-16, 08:10
I,ve got mine last week and yesterday I was successfull in setting it up. It's sometimes a little bit tricky for non Linux experts like me. There are very good dokumentations but you have to understand them and that's sometimes hard, becaucse things run not as smooth as the dokumentaions tell you.

So I would highly recommand to by such a pretty thing. I've installed a debian and a SBS 4.4.1 on a USB-Stick (2MB) and everythink looks to work fine. Today I will backup this server by taking an image with a hp-tool FOR Imaging USB-Sticks. If you are interesstet, I can give it to you! Please tell me, if you are interessted? Maybe someone else has an even better version and he want's to backup and distribute it as well?

There are only an few setting witch are individuell so you can fix it very soon.


2009-12-16, 10:41
That sounds really good, thanks, i have never used linux, allthough i have been involved with computers since windows 3.11 and dos. I have at the moment a netgear duo as my music server and am interested in any solution that would do the job better without leaving a computer on 24/7. Would anyone be able to give advise that this would be a faster option for me pleas.

2009-12-16, 15:08
I've yust tested a bit and had success in cloning SBS 7.5 for SheevaPlug on an USB stick. Works great!

I've used the freeware USB Image Tool. The Image is for a 2 GB Stick and works on different sticks. I'm not shure the size must be indetic? I've tested to copy it to a bigger one, that worked but SBS was running very slow, dont know...

At time the image is customized to me, but it's not a big thing to make a uncustomized one.

Please tell me if you are interessted in it.

My the way, I've i big problem with the SD-Card reader of the Plug. None of mine works. Anyone an idea???

SU, Thomas

2009-12-17, 06:55
Agree with comments about NewIT - ordered mine on a Monday and it arrived in under 24 hours. Excellent service.

To install Squeezebox server I used Martin Michlmayr's Howto:


It goes through every step, explaining what's going on, and leaves you with a working Debian system on (in my case) a 4 GB SD card, ready for the squeezebox install.

The SB server is now running on the sheeva with music library on a WD My Essentials usb hard drive that spins down after 10 minutes if not being accessed. There's hardly any noise from the combination, no fan, and very little power being consumed - overall I'm very pleased.