View Full Version : M3u Playlist previous/next not updating song title/author?

2009-12-14, 15:08
I use the 'tune in url' function on the Squeezebox (v3 Slim Devices, server 7.4.1 XP) on the following playlist: http://www.dlask.nl/test.m3u . The playlist contains urls to Mp3's:

#EXTINF:321,tail toddle - Windbag
#EXTINF:321,cairn - mount

The playlist works fine, but when i do next song the correct song is played, but the description on the Squeezebox is not updated.

Is there a way to get this function working? Maybe i've to use another playlist format?

2009-12-17, 08:58
This isn't related to the type of playlist, it's an .mp3 tag problem. To get the description updated you need to populate the Artist and Title tags at a minimum. There are many .mp3 tagging tools out there, I use Mp3tag.

2009-12-22, 15:48
i don't think it's related to mp3 tagging... I created another playlist with 'properly tagged' mp3's: http://www.dlask.nl/test1.m3u
It contains:
#EXTINF:321,Hex Dispensers - Forest
#EXTINF:321,Porttishead - Glory Box

Same again, when using 'tune in url' the first song is displayed correctly (NB based on information from the m3u file - not from the mp3 tags), when skipped to next song I still see the information of the first mp3.

Any other suggestions?

2009-12-22, 15:50
Remote streaming an m3u with multiple files like this works, but not very well. The code is designed around radio streams, not playlists of many files. Feel free to file a bug.

2009-12-22, 16:04
ah ok thanks, i will file a bug for this. it might be interesting to make this work, as there are more and more online playlists available with remote mp3's...

2009-12-22, 18:51

Interesting ... I did not expect that free downloads from last.fm work without logging in, or without having an account at all. I wonder if this intentional or just a loophole. :)

But I'm not sure if remote MP3s in playlists really are a good idea. Keep in mind that every time you play that playlist, every song has to be downloaded in real time, over and over again. That's quite a waste of internet bandwidth, and the owner of the server you are downloading from might even have to pay for it.

(I had that case once when someone's Winamp downloaded one of my radio shows again and again until I finally kicked him out with an HTTP 403 status, assuming that he must have accidentally had his office PC on repeat when he left for the weekend. A few minutes later I received an email from a guy who apologized a lot and no, it was not by mistake, he actually liked it so much that he had played it on repeat the whole day. :D But he had not been aware that he was repeatedly pulling it from my server.)

Can't you just download the files and play them locally?

2009-12-22, 19:21
Well said, definitely it's a waste of bandwidth doing this and unless you own the server you should avoid it.

2009-12-23, 00:24
bandwith is not an issue, not for me (i can download complete movies) and i guess not for sites like last.fm. I see everywhere 'free mp3s' offered nowadays.
I sure can download those Mp3's, but there are so many i want to play, so why not leave them where they are? Big advantage is that I don't have to run my own server.