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Christopher Jacob
2004-07-30, 09:55
What is the status of the DBI discussion? Or is that a question for the
developers list?


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Quoting ron thigpen <ron (AT) fuzzsonic (DOT) com>:

> Daniel Cohen wrote:
> > If you use iTunes, then a Smart Playlist allows for ignoring certain
> > (types of) songs.
> And if you don't use iTunes, then Smart Playlist functionality in the
> SlimServer would be a fantastic enhancement.

once again, this brings us back to the DBI discussions. Once we do get a
written in, thigns liks smart playlists, sort by year, browse new music, etc
all become relatively trivial in comparision to trying that now. It is
that the effort tomake the features available until after the huge task of
choosing and implementing a nice, cross-platform, easily available DBI comes

in response to another recent post, ALL feature requests are worth psoting
bugs.slimdevices.com. They may not be immediately feasible, but posting
there makes sure it will be looked at again.