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2009-12-13, 14:02
Based on my time reading these boards, it strikes me that a lot of the issues people have with their Squeezebox setups are related to WiFi or network setup. I'm surprised Logitech doesn't include some form of network diagnostic tool that could address this (or at a minimum a one-sheet summary of tips for proper network setup.) I'm envisioning a tool that could:

1 - Identify the user's WiFi network, scan for other networks in the area, suggest optimal channel setting based on scan.

2 - Identify all Squeezebox devices connected. If a player is missing from the list, suggest ways to get it connected. Perform throughput test on all players, callout if any may have streaming issues based on results.

I know most of this can be done piecemeal with existing tools, and with help in the wiki and on these boards. But it seems it would reduce the load on Logitech's tech support and reduce new-user frustration if an all-in-one diagnostic/setup tool existed. (I'd take a stab at developing it but don't have the know-how.)

Do others agree that such a tool would be useful and beneficial, or is this impractical?

2009-12-13, 17:54
A good thought, as connectivity problems seem to be a weak point for the new user setup experience.

I wonder if your suggestion would do much good. Many people who ARE inclined to troubleshoot problems probably don't need a lot of help. Or prefer using forums or contacting Support. Less technically savvy customers may not be inclined to investigate problems, with or without help. Many would pronounce their purchase DOA and return it.

Having more pages of hints would be useful, especially if they were easy to find and written with a beginner in mind. Perhaps there should be a few pages of Helpful Setup Hints included in each box.

I personally find the wiki unwelcoming and unusable. It's one of those things that seems to be written for people who already understand the subject matter. I have found it to be of limited value.

I'm sure the company has info on what percentage of purchased products get returned and why. Maybe it's not a big issue?