View Full Version : One Button Play Operation?

2009-12-13, 13:56
Hello all,

I am interested in getting a duet. One thing I would like to do is as soon as I walk in from the garage is press one button and get music playing. I would like to do this with the duet controller while it is in the cradle. Is this possible? Or do I have to go through some menus and interact with it before I can get something playing. Thanks.

2009-12-15, 10:12
Yes, you can do this. You would need to mess with the power settings to make sure that the SBC does not disconnect from the wireless network or power itself off.

When you come into the house, just press play button and the unit will pick up where it left off - as long as you used the pause button previously. I do this when i need to run to the store or something - press pause and press play when i return. Theoretically, you could come back after a few years and this should work.

If the SBC does disconnect from the server, you will need to wait for it to reconnect after pressing the pause button (3-15 seconds in my experience) and probably press pause again to resume playing as the first pause will "wake and connect".