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Bill Taney
2004-07-28, 13:09
You can use a package called Hymn that can allow your
AAC's to play. I run it on all the music I buy from
the music store, it removes the copy protection and
allows you to play your music back through other
devices without the loss of ripping it to CD and back
--- kdf <slim-mail (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com> wrote:

> Quoting Christopher May <chris (AT) concatmedia (DOT) com>:
> > Will the slimp3 play AAC files?
> > I am on a Mac w/OS 10.3.4 and slimserver 5.2.1
> it will play unprotected AAC. m4p files purchased
> from the iTunes Music Store
> are blocked by proprietary rights management. You
> can, however, burn protected
> files to CD then rip from teh CD to any format you
> like.
> > I can rip my CD's to AAC and the slimserver can
> see them, but it will
> > not play the AACs through the slimp3. If I rip the
> same songs to mp3,
> > they play fine.
> >
> > Is the player (slimp3/squeezebox) what determines
> which file formats can
> > play, or is it the slimserver?
> The server determines the formats, the player
> determines how it has to be done.
> In the case of Slimp3, its hardware only supports
> mp3. The server, when
> configured right, will convert to mp3 on the fly
> before it sends to the slimp3.
> Look in the player settings, find the Bitrate
> Limiting setting. Here, you can
> set the mp3 bitrate you want for your slimp3. The
> default is 320kbps. In the
> description, it will mention that you need to have
> LAME installed. This is the
> tool that does the conversion to mp3. The
> desctription has a link for info on
> LAME if it cannot find it on your system. If LAME
> is found, the the
> description will indicate that LAME appears to be
> installed correctly.
> Then look in server settings->additional->file types
> and confirm that Apple AAC
> to MP3 conversion is checked, meaning it is enabled
> and the tools required are
> found.
> If all this looks fine, and you still have trouble,
> try going to server
> settings->additional->debugging. check d_source,
> then open a browser window
> to:
> http:://serverIP:9000/log.txt
> try to play your AAC file, then refresh the log link
> to see what the response is
> from the server. It will show information on hos it
> is trying to convert AAC to
> MP3 for the slimp3 player. It will also show any
> errors in this process.
> good luck.
> kdf