View Full Version : How do you add to the Music Source menu?

2009-12-11, 04:03
This seems like a really silly question. Maybe my mind has gone blank or something... but is there a way to add an entry by IP address to the Settings -> Music Source menu on an SB2/3?

I have an SB3 on my desk at work for background music. Normally it talks to a server on my local network, and I mainly use it for Internet Radio as it happens, as the local server library is small.

I have a serious library on my server at home. It's of course possible to hold down the Left button on the remote, re-set-up the networking and tell it the server is at my home server's IP address, but this is not trivial.

It seems to me that where this should really appear is in the Music Source menu. I would like to add my remote server to the menu so that I can choose between SqueezeNetwork, the local server, and the remote one, with just a few button-presses.

I can't see a way of entering an IP address to appear in the menu. Is it possible?

2009-12-12, 22:57
There is something under Settings > Advanced > Networking > Remote Libraries, but as far as I can see you need a Controller or a PC running SqueezePlay to get into that menu. It is does not seem to be available with the IR remote.