View Full Version : Can I Have Player Specific Favorites?

2009-12-10, 11:45
Can I?

I haven't really tried too hard to figure this out...really only "scratching the surface" sort of research...

I have a boom in each of my bedrooms...can each family member have their own set of favorites?

2009-12-10, 14:07
You can't have player-specific favorites, but with the Boom and SB Radio you can have player-specific preset buttons. That's one of the nice additions that often gets overlooked in all the kvetching about 7.4.x.

2009-12-10, 15:48
You can??? How?

2009-12-10, 16:41
For internet radio stations, start the station playing, press and hold the preferred preset button for a few seconds. (I'm referring to the preset buttons on the SBs themselves, not 'presets' via the IR remote.) The Boom or Radio screen will show a message indicating that the preset has been saved. Repeat the process with other stations for other buttons. If you want different presets on another Boom or Radio, choose different stations when you set the presets on that player.

If I remember correctly, it's very slightly different for albums and playlists. In this case you don't want to start the album or playlist playing or else all that will get saved to the playlist is the currently playing track, not the album or the playlist. Instead what you do is get to the point where that album or playlist is showing on the screen, but not yet playing. Then press and hold the desired preset button.