View Full Version : SB3 randomly rebooting

2009-12-09, 20:53
Any hints on how to debug this problem?:
Over the last few weeks, my SB3 has been rebooting randomly while playing. It doesn't seem to be related to a particular file type - it has happened with MP3 files, podcasts and streaming audio. It generally happens perhaps 20 minutes after playing, but has happened within a couple of minutes of starting. I've tried various logging settings on the server, but I haven't yet seen any hint of a cause. I've tried factory reset + audio reset. No sign of similar problems with a Boom running off the same server.

Is there a way of logging problems on the client side? Any other hints? Thanks...

(SB3 Firmware 130 / Squeezebox server 7.4.1 on OS X connected via 802.11g wireless)

2009-12-09, 22:14
Power supply problems at the SB3 or a loose connection from the power supply ?

2009-12-12, 15:28
Thanks - that's a good lead. The connection seems OK but I'll try to check out the power supply...

2010-01-24, 14:41
Where inside the SB3 can we check for loose power supply?

2010-01-24, 14:58
I meant the external wallwart and its connectors, it has happend before faulty ps or lose conector.