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Jeff Allison
2004-07-28, 08:23
> > Moving the box to Linux isn't an option for me - but would
> > installing Perl on Windows and running the Slim software
> > through that make any difference?

> not likely, as the EXE is simply a perl compile under a
> windows Perl environment. I too see the same lame
> performance under windows. no dropouts, but I only have 4k
> songs under windows ( I keep legal, you see). Testing
> options just isn't an option becuase once again, you have to
> pay money to play with windows. That's probably why nobody
> can help. Windows users can only cry for help. I can't
> develop a damn thing for any windows app I've tried and i
> certainly know of a great many that need a big injection of
> user feedback. for myself, I can only say that I try. I do
> have a duplicate setup. I do have an entire drive dedicated
> to a windows slimserver setup, even tho I would never run my
> clients from it. It is just there to test my ideas, hoping
> it can work in windows as wel as it does on my main
> slimserver platform. or at least, to avoid breaking things.

I believe that KDF has supplied a bunch of stuff to the slim community
including, I think, the nice fishbone skin that I use all the time. For
that, and for all the volunteer efforts going on, many thanks! It's
great that people will do this. Also, this is a discussion list and not
the official slim devices tech support forum, so everyone is free to
voice their opinions and one should not expect a response to every post
to this list.

But saying that windows sucks isn't a very useful response. I'm not
personally a big fan of windows myself, but for various reasons it's
what I run at home and it's what the slim server is running on. I've
been having some problems that originated this thread -- although I
don't actually think the problems that I'm seeing are the same as what
is being discussed now. I don't have "performance problems" per se, I
have about once a day occurrences where the client cannot connect to the
server -- and Dean is looking into my problems. He has suggested some
things I can do to track down information and we're working the issue.
I can't ask for any more than that at present. But getting back to
windows, it has to be Slim Devices' priority. You can't sell a consumer
electronics device that requires a Linux server on the back end, so you
have to support windows. And even with the tech-savvy, geek-ish crowd
that owns slim devices products I'd guess that a significant majority
are running the server on windows.

- Jeff

> -kdf