View Full Version : system audio output via osx?

2009-12-09, 18:03

Searched long and hard and found reference to "waveinput" plugin to play windows audio over squeezebox. However, I cannot find reference to a certain function in OSX. Is there a way to have VLC, Quicktime, or DVD player audio from and OSX computer be sent to squeezebox? I used to use cables to playback audio for video, and have been enjoying the squeezebox for music, but would still like to use stereo system for computer video. Is this possible?

Also I see several references to the "user guide" but the logitech site only offers the quick start guide. Does the "user guide" still exist?


2009-12-09, 18:46
Well I did find the User Guide (it is available from some parts of the site but not others... looks like this whole product line has been transfered around and never wholly updated).

Still wondering if OSX sound out is possible.

2009-12-09, 19:01
VLC on windows can create an audio stream of what its playing similar to an internet radio stream. You then tune into that stream on the squeeze. I think you will have issues with audio syncing with video. I think you can adjust timing on VLC.

I can't help you with specifics.

2009-12-09, 19:54
ah syncing is a good point, thanks. I see some of the options in VLC for outputing, but not sure how it works yet. I'll keep looking but would love to hear from anyone who's done this.

Love the SB so far, otherwise. the Live Music Archive thing is especially great, and glad they added an NPR navigtor.

2009-12-10, 12:48
docs are a bit dense, but everything you need is in there.