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Ben Gladstone
2004-07-28, 04:38
for the record - solved, notes in "genre tag missing from AAC files"

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> hi - can anyone shed some light on this - i've seen similar issues in
> the archives but nothing that helps:
> my itunes playlists are empty in the slimserver web UI and squeezebox
> UI. they exist in itunes, the slimserver itunes option is on and the
> correct folder set, i've rescanned... but nothing is showing up.
> SlimServer Version: 5.2.1 on XP Pro SP1.

server settings->additional server settings->debugging
check d_itunes
click change
click on the link at the top for the log, or point your browser here:
(serverIP is the ip address of your slim server pc)

then go back to serer settings
click rescan
refresh the log window or wait for it to refresh in 30s. Follow the log
as it
shows results of the scan. It should show you that its found the xml
properly, and that its parsing playlists.

You can still see songs due to the folder scan since you have a music
set. The log will hopefully give you an idea why its not seeing the
iTunes information.